CAKED by Katie is a cake and baking blog full of fun bold flavours.

Boldly Baking From The Heart

Let it be known that a delicious adventure awaits every time you step foot in the kitchen.

Meet the Maker

My fondest memories of childhood are of my sisters and I sitting up on the kitchen counter with my mother making her famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Soon after having my oldest daughter, way up in the frozen north, I found myself in the kitchen, baby on the counter, mixing up cookies, a new cupcake recipe, or attempting a homemade cake.

I fell in love with the hum of my mixer, the swoosh of buttercream as it glided on a cake, and the oh so scrumptious first bite of a recipe gone right! My hope is that, slice by slice, you too will fall in love with cake.

Why Caked?

Life is short. Too short for vanilla. I believe that baking should fun. The joy is in the adventure of it. The exploring of new ideas, unique combinations, and fabulously bold flavours.

Let’s eat cake, but like really good cake.

I’m a self-taught baker with a love of fun and funky flavours. Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, I now find myself raising 3 little girls alongside my ruggedly handsome husband. Life is busy, and messy, and loud, and wonderful. I wouldn’t trade it for the world…not even for a bowl full of buttercream.

Ready, Set, Bake!

Take a look at my all-time favourite recipes below… I would LOVE to know if you make any of them!

A bowl of red velvet trifle with layers of vanilla pudding and chocolate cookie crumbs. Cute red lobster sprinkles on top.
Cakes, Featured

Red Velvet Trifle

I will be the first person to admit that I'm not 100% sold on Red Velvet. I have yet to nail down a dairy-free version that knocks my socks off but with that said, this Red Velvet trifle turned out way better than I anticipated. Fun and delicious layers made up of...

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a small glass bowl full of round light pink protein balls with sprinkles
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Strawberry Lemon Protein Bites

I love sugar. That's the straight-up truth. I have an incurable sweet tooth. But in the name of good health, I do try to find a balance between yummy treats and healthy treats. Insert these totally fun and yet totally responsible vegan strawberry lemon protein bites. 

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A pink cake with a chocolate drip and dark red carnation flowers on top
Cakes, Featured

Chocolate Berry Cake

Chocolate and strawberries are yum. Chocolate and raspberries are yummier. And chocolate and both strawberries and raspberries is the ultimate yummiest! Case and point, this delectable Chocolate Berry cake. I've got a brand new chocolate cake recipe and it's oh so wonderfully fluffy with that rich moist chocolate flavour reminiscent of a devil's food cake. Paired with a strawberry raspberry buttercream...this Chocolate Berry cake is plate-licking good.

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