A lover of all things buttercream and baked, you'll find fun flavourful cakes, cookies, and so much more here. While most recipes here are dairy-free, go on ahead and swap in those dairy-full ingredients as it's been tested both ways!

Boldly Baking From The Heart

Let it be known that a delicious adventure awaits every time you step foot in the kitchen.

Meet the Maker

My fondest memories of childhood are of my sisters and I sitting up on the kitchen counter with my mother making her famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Soon after having my oldest daughter, way up in the frozen north, I found myself in the kitchen, baby on the counter, mixing up cookies, a new cupcake recipe, or attempting a homemade cake.

I fell in love with the hum of my mixer, the swoosh of buttercream as it glided on a cake, and the oh so scrumptious first bite of a recipe gone right! My hope is that, slice by slice, you too will fall in love with cake.

Why Caked?

Life is short. Too short for boring cake. Baking should be an adventure. The exploring of new ideas, unique combinations, and fabulously bold flavours.

So let’s eat cake, but like really good cake.

I’m a self-taught baker with a love of fun and funky flavours. Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, I now find myself raising 3 little girls alongside my ruggedly handsome husband. Life is busy, and messy, and loud, and wonderful. I wouldn’t trade it for the world…not even for a bowl full of buttercream.

Ready, Set, Bake!

Take a look at my all-time favourite recipes below… I would LOVE to know if you make any of them!

Eggnog cucpakes sitting on a wooden cake stand. They are topped with a white frosting swirl and a mini snickerdoodle cookie for decor.
Cakes, Featured

Eggnog Cupcakes (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

Eggnog. Count me in. A sip, a glass, or perhaps an entire carton. I cannot and will not say no to a frosty cup of festive eggnog. It's only natural for me to take my deep love and appreciation of the beloved Christmas beverage and turn it into cupcakes. May I...

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Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on a white piece of parchment paper with green pumpkin seeds in them.
Cookies, Featured

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

Grab that can of pumpkin puree I know is sitting in your pantry and start warming up the oven. There's no better way to spend a chilly fall morning than baking up a warm fresh batch of easy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And I'm pretty sure they even count as healthy because of pumpkin, right?!

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A white frosted cake with chopped walnuts along the top and bottom edge. Fluffy white frosting swirls are on top of the cake.
Cakes, Featured

Maple Walnut Cake (Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free)

Four layers of fluffy vanilla cake packed full of toasted and chopped walnuts that add a great texture to each forkful. Paired with a light whipped maple buttercream frosting that is not too sweet and not too strong. This gluten-free and dairy-free maple walnut cake is a beautiful combination of salty and sweet with every bite and will have you coming back for seconds.

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