Sweet Potato Pie Cake

I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like. Baked, mashed, chips, vodka. The possibilities are endless but what I really really really love me is a sweet potato. Straight up raw, peeled, and diced. It could possibly be my favourite type of root vegetable carb. And can I even start in on how dang good it is mashed, sprinkled with a healthy dose of mini marshmallows, sea salt, and baked until ooey-gooey sweet and salty perfection!

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A close up shot of espresso molasses cookies all laying on a tray on top of one another.

Espresso Molasses Cookies

I love me an espresso. There’s something about that petite little cup and rich aroma that makes me feel oh so fancy. I can imagine myself sitting in a Parisian cafe, wearing the latest fashion, and sipping on a freshly brewed espresso. Damn…my alter ego is chic. But here’s the incredibly sad and embarrassing truth. I can’t brew espresso to save my life. The grinds, the filter, that cup, the machine, it’s all so overwhelming.

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