A chocolate orange cake covered in a decadent dark chocolate drip and topped with bright orange slices and pieces of chocolate.

Chocolate Orange Layer Cake

Three rich moist vegan layers of dark chocolate cake filled with decadent dreamy dark chocolate orange ganache and covered in the smoothest whipped orange chocolate cookie crumb buttercream frosting. Wow, that’s a mouthful in all aspects, saying and eating, but let me tell you it was chocolate orange layer cake heaven! This flavour combination is fun, bold, and totally festive. If you’re a chocolate orange lover, this one is for you!

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A close up shot of espresso molasses cookies all laying on a tray on top of one another.

Espresso Molasses Cookies

I love me an espresso. There’s something about that petite little cup and rich aroma that makes me feel oh so fancy. I can imagine myself sitting in a Parisian cafe, wearing the latest fashion, and sipping on a freshly brewed espresso. Damn…my alter ego is chic. But here’s the incredibly sad and embarrassing truth. I can’t brew espresso to save my life. The grinds, the filter, that cup, the machine, it’s all so overwhelming.

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