Chai Oatmeal Cookies

Nothing says “warm & cozy” like a hot cup of chai and a good book on a chilly autumn afternoon. And what’s belongs next to that cozy cup of tea and book? A cookie! Perhaps even two if it’s been one of those days. I’ve got the perfect fall afternoon snack for...

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A textured cake with gold on one side and branches and berries as decor.

Almond Chai Cake

I’m not a crazy pumpkin person. It’s practically sacrilege to say that come fall but it’s the truth. Chai, on the other hand, I quite enjoy. It has a slightly spicey edge full of warm cinnamon notes. So I figured I could weather another pumpkin treat as long as I paired it with something I like. And the results were phenomenal. I can assure you pumpkin nay-sayers, it’s freakin’ delicious with chai.

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