A haphazard stack of light golden brown cookie butter bars with a drizzle of cookie butter on top.

No-Bake Cookie Butter Bars (Vegan)

Three easy layers make up these fun no-bake cookie butter bars. The bottom layer is buttery coconut biscoff cookie heaven that gives a sturdy base with a fabulous crunch. Next comes the middle layer of whipped biscoff cookie buttercream frosting. It's smooth, sweet, and gloriously scrumptious. Last, but not least, is the top layer of cookie butter white chocolate ganache. Rich, decadent, and utterly delicious. It's the perfect way to finish off these easy no-bake dessert bars.

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A white frosted biscoff cookie butter cake with a golden brown cookie butter drip. The top has frosting swirls around it and a biscoff cookie in between each swirl. The cake is sitting on a table with a milk jug and cookies in the background.

Dairy-Free Biscoff Cookie Butter Cake

Light and fluffy vanilla cake layers absolutely loaded with chopped-up biscoff cookies baked to golden delicious cake perfection. The smell alone of these cake layers will have you drooling. Paired with a whipped biscoff cookie buttercream frosting so light, airy, and wonderfully scrumptious that you'll be tempted to eat it straight from the spatula. And a dollop (maybe two) of cookie butter sandwiched between each velvet layer of biscoff cake. Start to finish and top the bottom, this dairy-free biscoff cookie butter cake is perfection.

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