My Momma

My mom. My momma. The woman who birthed me. Who loved me. Who prayed for me. The one who showed me how to bake cookies. The one who I would call crying in the middle of the night when I had my first daughter and I had no idea what I was doing. The one who could “tea party” with the best of them. The one who couldn’t really cook but could bake a mean coffee cake.

She passed away a few short weeks after my 31st birthday and there aren’t many days that I don’t think of her. I often find myself wishing I could call her, go have a cup of tea, and visit. There are times I wish I could walk over to her house and cry. Because being a mom without a mom is really hard.

But here I am. Raising three little girls of my own now with the memories and wisdom she left me with. But I think if she was here she would tell me to love. To love even when I’m frustrated and tired and feeling defeated. Because love is always a choice. And as my children are getting older I am realizing that I can no longer make all the choices for them. But I can choose to love them. Good choices. Bad choices. Especially through those bad choices. Choosing to love.

And that’s what she did with me. She loved me when I would lie to her face. She loved me when I snuck out of the house. She loved me when I spewed out all of my heart’s hurt at her in ugly anger. She chose love. She loved me in the good choices and she loved me even more in the bad choices. And I admire the heck out of that because I now know how incredibly hard it is.

To be able to go back and hug her one more time. To thank her for her prayers. For her wisdom. And for her love.

If you’d like to read a bit more about my momma head over here to my Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake inspired by her!

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    1. Your mom was an incredible woman. We had so many amazing chats. I wish I could remember every detail so I could share with you. But man she loved her kids and was so proud of you. Mrs Dunsdun touched so many lives and I’ll never forget making the connection that it was your sweet baby boy that we connected and grieved over.

      1. It’s such a gift getting to hear about my mom from other people in her life. Thank you for sharing Angela.

  1. Thank you Katie for sharing
    I’m sure all that love is constantly being poured out to you and your daughters. I needed to read this today

  2. Being a mom without a mom is hard…never read any truer words❤️Lost my mom at 34 (10.5 years ago) and I feel guilt everyday that I would be a better mom if I still had her to give advice and guidance.

  3. Your Mom was a beautiful, godly woman, who loved to be there for others. I shall always remember my 2 visits with her to the Rainbow Lodge to go see her friend in a wheelchair. I think he had MS. I remember seeing God’s faithfulness to give all of us 14 more years with her after praying and believing for a miracle in her health. I have a beautiful quilt she made that reminds me of her always…. I lost my Mom when I was 24. That was 54years ago. I would have loved to have had someone too…. Please call me anytime dear Katie. I want to be here for you…. You are so very precious. xoxox

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