Sunday Family Cake

Sunday Family Cake. I can’t remember when exactly it started but for quite some time now I have been making a cake for my family every Sunday. Yep, almost every single Sunday we eat cake. It’s my time to experiment. To explore. To create. And yes…be with family.

Let’s back it up a bit. I grew up in Prince George from the time I was 5 until moving away as an angsty young adult with a massive chip on my shoulder. “I’ll never live in Prince George again!” I distinctly remember saying. Well, here I am, married, 3 children, and have been back living in Prince George for 6 years now.

Where We Gather

My dad lives in the same house I was raised in just a few blocks over and a short 5-minute drive away my sister resides with her husband and 3 little children. (We’re still working on getting my younger sister to move back ?) It soon became a tradition after moving back to gather at my parent’s house for a big family supper every Sunday. Mom and dad would cook the meal, my sister would bring a salad or a side dish, and I would volunteer to bring dessert.

A New Recipe Adventure

A new square recipe. A fun fruity crisp. Or a new and challenging cake decorating technique. Every week it would change. Wherever my heart would lead me, I would follow. Clearly, my heart loves a good slice of cake as you can see where this path has taken me.

Cake: How It Goes

I generally bake the cake layers sometime during the week whenever I get a few spare minutes. After they have cooled on the counter for 20-30 minutes, I will double wrap them in plastic wrap and into the freezer they go.

Depending on what Sunday involves (I volunteer at church and sometimes have bible study after service) I will crumb coat the cake either Saturday morning or Sunday morning before church service. After church, I can finish up the cake with that final delicious coat of buttercream and have just enough time to snap some pictures in the afternoon light.

Why Sunday Is My Favourite

We head over to my parent’s house in the mid-afternoon and spend time playing cards in the winter or outside visiting in the backyard while the kids run around and play in the sprinkler while snacking on the garden during the summer. It’s never fancy. It’s certainly not formal or extravagant but it’s my heart. It’s home. It’s tradition. It’s Sunday Family Cake.

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